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A Letter to Paul

February 25, 2010


I have heard about you for a long time and have read your writings. They hold so much information about your life, your faith, and about the truths of Christianity. Thank you for the gold mine you left for us and for how you taught, led, and equipped the early church that laid the foundation for our lives today.

I have a confession to make. Although I have read your writings for a number of years it has been a very recent thing that I have been able to deeply understand them and apply them to my life. For years they seemed so complicated. I felt like your writings were over my head. They probably were due to my need to grow up as a Christian. Often as I read your writings I would feel like you were arrogant, proud, and even at times rude. I could not understand the way you communicated things and felt like you would speak down on people.

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time in your letters to the early churches. The more time I have spent in them the more I have come to understand your views, and I think your heart. As I have learned and grown I have come to love what you have to say. You have taught me so much. Thank you, a million times I say thank you for teaching me, showing Christ to me, and helping me to come into better relationship with the Lord. Thank you for the example and leadership you showed so many years ago, and for leaving an impact and a legacy that changed the world.

I hope and pray that my faith will one day come close to what you have exhibited. I am well on my way due to your example and your impact in my life. Through you I have come to know Christ and his heart in brand new ways. You have helped me to overcome barriers that prevented me from seeing and hearing Christ in my life. You have helped me move from the unbelief that has plagued God’s people to an active, vital, and powerful faith in God that has transformed my life and is affecting the world around me. It is my heart to give that glory and honor to God as he deserves it all, but personally I wanted to thank you for showing me that it is Christ we should boast about for he gives us all we need.

I look forward to meeting you in person some day in heaven as we both come before the Lord to honor and praise him for eternity.

With gratitude,


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