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I Don’t Think This Is What Christ Had In Mind

March 23, 2010

My heart has been heavy lately because of something I see in the body of Christ. Something that troubles me.

I am troubled by a lot of what happens in the world, but it affects me more when I am troubled by something in the body of Christ.

Over the past year I have been working through a significant area of struggle in my life. One that involved misunderstandings, pain, offense, betrayal, sin, conflict, and more. It has been hard work to go through this. I have had to take honest assessment of myself, reshape how I see and feel about others and their decisions, and to see God in a new way. I have stripped away years and great depths of knowledge and understanding of God to see him in a brand new way.

What troubles me is what I have seen and heard from others.

Some people have not been willing to remain in contact with me because they have either not been able to handle the pain and sorrow I brought to the surface, or they have disagreed with me. Scripture says to love each other and to share with them, even helping them carry their burdens. Is walking away what Christ had in mind?

Some have believed I was being sinful and was unrepentant over it so they turned away from me. I have tried to express my repentance and changed heart and to discuss the situation but they will not communicate. Is shunning someone what Christ had in mind?

Some have told me that because I asked questions about my faith and reshaped what I believed that I demonstrated I doubted my salvation. Rather than talking to me about the Gospel they turned away and told me I was not a Christian. Didn’t Christ call us to the Great Commission? Is turning someone away when they ask questions and proclaiming they are not a believer what Christ had in mind?

Some have told me that I have nothing to repent of in my life. Is whitewashing our sin what Christ had in mind?

Some have told me to just let things go and stop reflecting on the past. Is sweeping issues under the rug and denying them what Christ had in mind?

Some have told me to not seek to resolve conflict with someone who has hurt me. Is unforgiveness what Christ had in mind?

Some have told me to remain silent about my story. Is living in silence, denying my story, and hiding the truth what Christ had in mind?

Some have spoken to me with negative words and poor language in reference toward others. Is speaking unlovingly and attacking the character of others what Christ had in mind?

Some have advised me to not listen to the counsel of authorities. Is being unsubmissive to others and to leaders what Christ had in mind?

Some have counseled me to live in broken relationship with others in the body of Christ instead of seeking reconciliation. Is division and disunity what Christ had in mind?

I think we have a very mixed up and confused vision of Christ and what he had in mind.

The personal relationship I have with Christ and all I know about his character and heart expresses to me that what Christ had in mind for us is:

  • To walk with others during their time of need and struggle.
  • To call people to repentance and restore them gently through love when they sin. Speaking truth into their lives. To believe that God’s truth will change their hearts.
  • To allow people to be authentic and real, even about their questions and doubts and to lead them to the Cross and to show them their justification through faith and the gift Christ paid for them.
  • To call out sin in others lives so that they will be moved toward righteousness.
  • To bring our issues before the Cross and to deal with them fully and honestly, admitting that we are unable to pay the price for our sin and humbling surrendering our lives to the Lord.
  • To forgive over and over and over again despite someone’s inconsistency and failure. To stand with them even at great price until they are able to stand with God alone and take responsibility for their own decisions and change their behaviors.
  • To live authentic and transparent lives, loving and accepting others where they are at each day instead of judging and condemning them for past failures and shortcomings. Loving people because of their brokenness and their need for a savior.
  • To speak redemptively at all times, so that we are encouraging, building up, and sharpening each other toward a stronger walk with the Lord.
  • To surrender our lives first to the Lord, and then to unity with other in the family. Respecting the authorities, counsel, and leadership of others in our lives.
  • To live in peace and unity if at all possible. Seeking unity and reconciliation of all brokenness in the family of God so that he is glorified and our witness to non-believers is strong.
  • To desire to share in the gifts, talents, skills, and lives of those in God’s family because our lives are incomplete and broken without the fullness of the family sharing in unity.

My heart is heavy because I don’t think we understand what Christ had in mind and we are hurting each other, the family, and breaking God’s heart every day as we continue to live in disobedience to his word and his heart.

How can we live in unity and community with each other in new ways? How can we change our understanding of Christ and what he had in mind?

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  1. March 31, 2010 3:55 pm

    I am surprised there has been know comments. I read you blog and what comes to me is when I went through the 12 step program with my church. We have a Celebrate Recovery Program

    I personally feel everyone should go through a 12 step program. You don’t have to be an addict to go to one. I was in the 12 step program because I was having such an issue with Control. This is something I struggle with for years.

    Wow you have been given tons of advice. Allow God to continue to Guide your path. I will continue to pray for you

    • April 5, 2010 12:08 pm

      I have never been through a 12 step program, but from what I have heard there are very valuable things that all of us could learn from in those programs. I think we all are addicts to something, but it may be a food, a stimulant, an escape mechanism, or a sense of control.

      A gap in our churches is in the area of discipleship. Even children’s programs and youth groups are rarely raising others up so they can address their struggles and become strong and healthy. You are right that I have been given a lot of advice, but I have been given little truth. Bad theology creates bad belief systems and foundations. God’s word is pure and by spending time in it we will find those things we need to guide our path. Thanks for you prayers. We all need them. I too will pray for you and for God’s continued revelation and wisdom in your life.

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