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An empty tomb or living proof?

April 5, 2010

Yesterday, Christians around the world celebrated Easter.

We talked about what Christ’s death, sacrifice, and resurrection meant. We talked about what we believed. Visitors and seekers came to church to learn, see, experience, or just to pacify their sense of guilt or responsibility. Some came to church only because they were obligated to go with friends or family.

Yesterday, we filled our lives with Easter Eggs, flowers, color, food, time with friends and family, music, laughter, hope, joy, and promise. We filled our stomachs. We shared our thoughts. We experienced life together.

Yesterday, we experienced the joy and hope of the resurrection.

Yesterday, we experienced the pain of shattered dreams. We took a look at the grave clothes we still wear. We recognized how we were like the disciples who were unsure if they could really believe and hope.

Yesterday, the tomb was found empty.

Today, Christ is coming to us to show us his scars. He is coming to share his words and heart with us. He is coming to reveal what we need to believe, even if we like Thomas need to touch his scars.

Yesterday, was not the end of the story, but a new beginning. It was the start to the story that has the greatest impact, the story of how the message of the death and resurrection spread and changed lives.

Today, we are a part of the story, and the story needs to be told. The story isn’t just about Christ, but about what Christ does in this world and in our lives. It is the story that we once were…..and now we are…..because of Christ.

Today, the tomb is empty and so is the world unless the message continues to be shared.

Yesterday we talked and celebrated Easter, the real question is whether we will live it today and always.
Are you living proof that Christ’s death and resurrection meant something? Is your life a testimony of the Easter message?
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