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No longer! Not on my watch! I will….

April 12, 2010

This past week I have been following Anne Jackson, Tom Davis and others who are visiting Moldova to learn more about human trafficking and injustice issues. A few days ago Anne posted about visiting a cafe that is similar to one many of us might frequent here in the US, and as they sat there drinking their beverages and talking, they were shown the human trafficking that was happening all around them. (Read Anne’s post The Sex Cafe for the entire story.) Girls were being solicited right next to them in broad daylight.

Ever since reading this story my heart has been burdened. I have known about the human trafficking issue for a long time. A friend has started Speak Up for the Poor to help with injustice issues from the legal side (immigration, visas, refugees, land rights, etc.). He has introduced me to a lot of different aspects of the plight, and his passion has stirred a passion in me to help those who are traumatized, disillusioned, and needing restoration.

My heart is burdened because I want to do something.

My heart is burdened because I feel powerless.

My heart is burdened because this isn’t happening just in Moldova, in fact it is happening right here in my town!

My heart is burdened because the issues are so far from my reality.

(Picture from

As I read the story of what is happening to these young people in Moldova (and human trafficking is not just limited to girls!!!), I found my heart aching due to something I had never connected with before. I am twice the age of these girls, but my life is one of safety, control, and purity. I am single and have always protected myself and my purity fiercely. I live in my own place, set my own schedule, and have a great deal of autonomy in my life. Those young people don’t.

I have been able to protect my purity and remain a virgin, believing that my body was given to me by God and if ever shared, it should only be shared within the covenants and promises of marriage. These young people are not given that choice. Their purity has been taken from them! Not once…not innocently…not by accident…not in the heat of passion. Their purity has been taken from them for money, control, power, lies, deceit, and prestige. They are not being treated with love and are not being shown the beauty of intimacy, but instead their connections with the opposite sex, with physical touch, and with their own souls is being distorted and altered in horrendous ways.

I treasure and appreciate the purity I have experienced in life.

I grieve that these young people have had their purity and innocence stolen.

I alone can’t stop this problem, but I can step up and be a part of stopping it.  No longer will I stand on the sidelines and continue to let this happen! No longer will I just learn about these injustices and not be involved! No longer will I allow evil and injustice to take the hearts, souls, and spirits of others in my sphere of influence!

No longer! Not on my watch!

I will stand up for those who need help.

I will be a part of fighting injustice.

I will help those who are traumatized, disillusioned, and needing restoration!

I will not just talk about the Gospel, study God’s word, and learn about how it impacts me. I will live it out! I will seek to live it in a way that radically affects the lives of those around me and proclaims the good news.


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