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Being an answer on the National Day of Prayer

May 6, 2010

Around our country today there are many people who are stopping, taking time out of their day, and lifting up prayers to God. It is such a gift that we live in a country where we are not only free to do that, but free to share that with others.

There are so many things we can pray for at this time. Not only do we all have needs in our lives, for example this week my life holds physically moving my residence, a family member in medical crisis, and the unexpected death of another family member; but there are many needs in our country.

  • Tennessee is greatly impacted by floods where many have lost possessions, homes, offices, businesses, loved ones, etc. Health care, clean water, safety, shelter, and hope are great needs there.
  • The Gulf coast is greatly impacted by the oil spill that is affecting wildlife, food supplies, businesses, environment, safety, recreation, etc.
  • Leaders: Whether you look at government/politics, businesses, churches, ministries, or charities there is great need for strong leaders who will lead people in positive and effective ways. These leaders need guidance, courage, boldness, and great wisdom.
  • Role models: These come in all shapes and sizes, but there are many people in influential roles that impact others who are not being the best role models, and some who are being great models but who remain unknown reducing their impact. These leaders need to be strengthened, guided, challenged toward accountability, and commended for their positive actions.
  • Businesses: There are many amazing and impacting businesses who are doing things right, making a positive impact in our society, and who are seeking to live with strong ethics. There are also some businesses right now in financial or image crisis. Some businesses are making key decisions impacting the future of our society, allowing the abuse and injustice of people, or not taking responsibility for their shortcomings. All of these businesses, the strong and the weak need support, wisdom, counsel, direction, and vision for their part in the future of our country.
  • Children, youth, and young adults: The young ned our support, guidance, counsel, and prayers more than ever. The future they face is in such rapid change that no one can predict what their future may actually look like. The young are our future and need mentors, guides, and teachers to help them grow and mature.

All of these areas and thousands more need our prayers. They need us to interceed for them today. But they need more. If all we do is pray, and do not live lives of action then the world won’t change. If we are only united in prayer once a year, but do not unite in service, voice, heart, and life for 364 days then what is God accomplishing through our prayers?

Can the National Day or Prayer become more than just a day when we stop and speak a few words of petition or hope toward God? Can it be the start of a movement toward change? Prayer is about relationship, about time with God, about blending our lives with Him.

If you were to pray for something to start or change today, what would you pray for?

How might God want to use you as an answer to prayer today, tomorrow, or in the near future?

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