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A Thought, A Voice, An Act

May 7, 2010

Anne Jackson is a writer, speaker, blogger, and social activist whose blog I avidly follow.

There are four main reasons 1) I love her heart and identify with many of the issues she raises 2) she raises topics that I believe are timely, important, impacting, and thought provoking 3) she has a large audience who actually share their thoughts and they bring perspectives from all over the country and the world 4) there is freedom to share openly and voice disagreement and it is done with a great respect in almost all cases.

This week Anne posted an honest and heartfelt question about how to process through and respond to the issues surrounding Craigslist and their advertising and interactions in regards to prostitution, human trafficking, and sexual content. Anne stated her position that she does not feel that boycotting Craigslist is the right response to the issue, and she shared her reasoning for that position. A good friend of Anne’s, Tom Davis author and leader of charity Children’s Hopechest posted his position that we need to take action about this issue and that boycotting is one strategy regarding how to respond.

I have such high respect for how Tom Davis’s expressed his disagreement with Anne.

He responded by saying, “Anne, thanks for having the courage to speak out on this polarizing issue. No matter what side of the fence one falls on, here the truth – you’ve caused us to think deeply about this issue and challenged us to ACT.”

Although they have some disagreement the respect they show is incredible. What a great witness!

I also have such high respect for the work that Anne, Tom, and others are doing in regards to raising awareness of and challenging response to issues such as human trafficking and social injustice.

The bottom line of these discussions comes down to a key question I think that we as believers need to wrestle with: Once we are made aware of an issue, how will we respond?

Every day if we are open to it we can be faced with issues such as injustice, crime, brokenness, and pain. We can look at neighbors across the earth, or even in our own neighborhood and find that there is incredible need. Life hurts. Injustice happens. People need redemption, reconciliation, restoration, and hope.

When we are faced with an issue there is a thought that goes through our heads, but is that where it stops?

Will your thought become something that is voiced?
With the Craigslist issue there is a lot of conversation happening, which is a powerful thing.

Will your voice become an action?
The conversation that is happening is moving some people to act. Boycotting is one action. Signing petitions is an action. Spreading the conversation is an action. Becoming involved in fighting injustice is an action.

When you become aware of an issue of pain, injustice, crime, or brokenness how will you respond?

Will you engage a thought?
Will your thought become a voice?
Will your voice become an action?
Will your action be one of reaction or prevention?

Will you make a choice to be involved? Will you encourage others to action?

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