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May 18, 2010

Portland Art Museum has recently been hosting a show called Disquieted.  Every time I have gone by and seen the signs I have wondered about the exhibit, and I have pondered what it means to be disquieted, and what it is that disquiets me.

Disquieted is a lack of calm, peace, or ease. It is anxiety, uneasiness, chaos. It is the opposite of quiet, and yet many of us spend our lives avoiding quiet out of insecurity, fear, boredom, and concern that quiet could represent a lack of life, value, or meaning.

There are many things that disquiet me. Things I wrestle with. Things I don’t know how to understand.

These are a few of my disquieting thoughts from this week.

  • My city, Portland, was just given a new nickname of Pornland. It is already the leader of adult entertainment in the nation and now is one of the leaders, if not the leader, in human trafficking in America.
  • The oil spill in the Caribbean is far worse than anything we have experienced in known history. Are we destroying our planet and causing our own diseases and death?
  • How do you help someone who is questioning the foundational beliefs in their life?
  • If 7% of those claiming to be Christians adopted one child, all 150 million orphans would have homes. Since 2004, there has been a 40 percent decline in overseas adoptions by Americans.
  • Why is putting on a mask and showing people you are strong enough to walk through things alone seen as a positive thing?
  • Wrath….violence….abuse….fear….intimidation….control….injustice
  • Unforgiveness is very destructive
  • New reports are suggesting we are over-educated and are encouraging people to not pursue education beyond high school.
  • The average American home is  2,349 square feet. The average American home is double the average home in Japan or Europe and over 25 times the size of the average African home. Why the imbalance? What should the response be?
  • Depression….disillusionment….despair
  • Is social activism/justice/involvement (e.g. volunteering) growing? Dying? Shifting? How can I help create a heart to help others in my neighbors and friends?

What is it that you are finding disquieting?

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  1. May 20, 2010 11:36 pm

    Those ARE pretty desquieting…
    My thoughts are:
    *Innocence lost
    *Fairytale dreams

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