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Who Knows You?

June 15, 2010

I have been thinking about time a lot lately.

How do I spend time? What do I think of time? How does time control or lead things I think, prioritize, believe, and act on?

I have been thinking about who knows me. Who knows how I spend my time. Honestly, the answer concerns me.

No one.

There is no person on the face of the earth that knows how I spend my time. No one knows what my calender looks like. No one know how I spend my money. No one knows my fears, my convictions, my temptations, my failures. No one knows real me, the internal me.

When you live with others you learn certain things about them just because you spend so much time together. You know how they keep house, what type of schedule they keep, what entertainment they like, what food they like, etc. However, there still is a lot of room to keep things from those you live closest to. Spouses hide affairs. Family members hide drugs and alcohol addictions. Teenagers hide things from their parents.

As a single person who lives alone I could hide just about anything if I wanted to.

But I don’t. I want to be known and I want to know others.

Community could be defined as a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. Biblical community goes further than this definition though. Jeremy Daniel, Student and Connections pastor at The Village Church in Denton, Texas defines

Biblical Community as intentionally intrusive, Christ-centered, grace driven, and redemptive.

It is about asking questions and knowing other deeply, focusing on Christ, showing grace and compassion toward others, and leading them to redemptive places where forgiveness, healing, hope, and reconciliation take place.

Privacy is a hot topic in our culture. How do you protect your identity from being stolen? Should you have a Facebook account when they want you to share all information with others, even strangers? Could someone stalk you if you share information on Twitter, Foursquare or other social networks? We are living in a day and age where we are cautioned about what we do and say online because it will be there forever.

I don’t want privacy to be what defines and controls me. I want it to be honesty, authenticity, and truth.

I want to be real, open, transparent and vulnerable. I want to live a life where I have no secrets, where I have nothing to hide. I want to live a life where who I am is completely open for others to know, because it is in living like that where I will really be free. I want to be in community where people ask me intentional, real, intentionally intrusive questions. I want to confess my shortcomings and sins, focus on Christ as my hope, offer and receive grace in my relationships, and speak and act in redemptive ways. That doesn’t mean that everything should be made known to everyone, but who I am should be known to my community so that I walk in accountability and truth with others.

It is only through my faith in Christ that I can live openly, transparently, and authentically. He has given me a new identity, one that is complete, one that is can live in with confidence and freedom. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

There is nothing left to hide.

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