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Making Lemonade and Choosing Plan B (Book Review: Plan B by Pete Wilson)

June 17, 2010

You made your plans, laid out your dreams, and pursued after them with a vigor. Something has gone wrong. Something happened that you didn’t plan. Today you might just need a minor adjustment, or holding on as you step over the bump in the road might be enough. Tomorrow you might feel blindsided, derailed, and run over by the biggest truck you have ever seen.

A common idea in culture is to make lemonade out of your lemons.

Pete Wilson in his new book Plan B addresses the questions that arise when things happen in life that we do not plan. He shares stories from his own life and about others where we are left with the choice of how to respond to our hardships, tragedies, and unexpected turns in life.

A pastor in Nashville, Pete has walked alongside many in his community who have hit those tough times in life. He has wrestled with scripture, asked many of the tough questions, and speaks honestly about how we want to give easy and simple answers to very tough questions. When those tough times hit we may feel we have no choice, but Pete guides the readers to believe that Plan B is possible and available. That there are options when you feel there is nowhere to turn. The most powerful messages in the book come in the last two chapters. Pete addresses the fact that sometimes the church does not provide the support and answers needed in the midst of these difficult times, but that abandoning faith and the Church is not the answer. We need a new perspective. It can be the sugar that changes lemon juice into lemonade. Transformation is possible, and the solution has already been given to us!

I have read many books offering guidance and hope for those facing struggles, and personally have felt that most miss the mark. This book steps into a hole that has been sorely missing. I wish this book had been available to me 5-1/2 years ago when my tragedy came. It is one of the best resources I have found for those struggling with their faith, disillusionment, and despair. It is a resource I will share with others in their difficult times. Pete’s down to earth, open, and caring presentation is firmly based on the truth of scripture, but gives practical advice about how to change perspective and find hope in the hardships. It is clear that his faith and view of the Bible are the source of direction for his life, not just intellectual knowledge about Christianity. While many other books come across as out of touch with what the reader is going through, or spiritually superior, Pete is honest that he doesn’t have all the answers, but he knows the solution is in Christ and he points the reader back there. Pete is not an expert talking about what others have gone through and how he has helped. He shares his own need for Plan B and how life has left him asking questions and searching for answers that no one has been able to help with. He openly shares how much he struggles as a pastor to walk alongside others when their plans fail. Other books encourage people to turn away from the church and faith, or they minimize what the reader is going through, but Pete guides the reader to walk into their struggles, and look at how to find something positive in the midst of pain.

Pete wants us to make lemonade, to see hope, and to believe that change is possible. He believes it!

Don’t live with sour lemonade…add a little sugar and be refreshed as you take time to enjoy what you have just made!

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