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Celebrating Transformation!

June 19, 2010

Change happens.

It is something we have learned to deal with and to expect. It can be good, or it can be bad. It can be easy to go through, or it can be difficult. It is something that we see so often that we take in stride. Often change is so common in our lives that we see it as temporary and believe it will change again.


We have been taught that cars transform into robots. Caterpillars transform into butterflies. Science and technology transform things from one form to another. We rarely talk about lives transforming.

Criminals might change, but we do not describe that change as transformation. Addicts end their active addictive behaviors, but that is even rarely described as change, let alone transformation.

Change is not-lasting. Transformation is lasting. Change usually focuses on the outside. Transformation focuses on the inside.

Today marks one year since a transformation in my life. A transformation that has been lasting. A transformation that started on the inside, but that has grown to the outside.

A year ago my faith failed. My ability to live as a Christian failed. My doubts and questions outweighed any answers I had. I was so confused, frustrated, lost, and burdened that life wasn’t working. I hit rock bottom, and there I found God. I found faith. I found hope. I found my identity. I found transformation.

For several years I had lived in pain due to my past. June 19, 2009 as I cried out to God in my pain. I let go of my plans, my expectations, and my desires. I asked for a different future, for the confusion to change, and for the pain to be healed. I was a prisoner living in darkness, and I was set free.

Today I celebrate that transformation. Christ is not only my Lord and Savior, but he is the Author of my story, the Rock I build my life on, and the Strength of my life. I owe him everything. My faith failed, but God didn’t. He knew me, he knew what I needed, and he never left my side.

I am additionally very grateful tonight because I have lived under the bondage of unforgiveness from people for the last year who are very dear to me. Despite trying very hard to repair things that has not occurred and forgiveness has not been available. Today, one of those people contacted me and gave me their forgiveness. What a precious and blessed gift that has been. Today I hold out hope that forgiveness can happen, that lives can be transformed, and that faith changes things.

Tonight, I am very thankful!

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