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I Get Behind

July 20, 2010

Typically I am a very organized, efficient, and thorough person. Some days, I get behind.

The dishes stack up, the mail does not get opened, the list of things to do grows.

It happens to all of us. The question is, what do we do about it?

About a year ago, as I was unemployed, I started reading a large number of blogs. I think there are about 70 I visit on a daily basis. It sounds like a lot, but with a blog reader I am able to peruse the stories and go through the posts fairly quickly. Many of the blogs that have a number of posts a day only have a few posts I read in entirety. Most other blogs only post 1-7 posts a week, sometimes less. I spend about 30-60 minutes on this a day, most of that being spent on the few blogs I really care about.

Right now, I am caught up except for three blogs. I got behind. There were a couple of missed posts, and I wanted to pay attention so I put reading off. The couple grew to a few. The few grew to a group. The group grew to more.

That is what can happen when we get behind.

It starts when we get behind on one step, but it can start to snowball, and then it seems overwhelming.

How can we ever get the house clean? How can the yard ever be under control again? The house, car, life seem to be so out of control, maybe we can just throw it out and start over?

I get behind in my relationships with people too. I fail to realize that I have not checked in with them for a time. I begin to lose contact with what is going on in their life. Then I start to feel hesitant to contact them because I don’t want to feel awkward about my failure to connect with them. Our lives move and change so quickly. Even with those I see regularly, unless I am intentional about checking in I can fail to learn that they lost their job, their family just moved out-of-state, the person they were dating broke the relationship off, or they have a new pet. I can fail to learn that they are filled with joy or sorrow, are angry, are confused, are passionate, are scared. I can fail to know what is going on in their heart.

I get behind. Way behind.

Today, I need to reach out to a few of those I haven’t been in contact with. I need to move beyond the concerns about the awkwardness and my failure. I need to reconnect.

Are you thinking of someone you should reconnect with? Go do it!

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