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If Not Me, Then Who?

August 4, 2010

Earlier this week I was in a group setting where I became of a need. A need, I knew I could meet. A need that, if met, would positively impact others. I knew it was something I was supposed to do.

As the group dispersed I spoke to a specific person I believed would be the funnel point to connect my provision with the need. I was told, “That is so nice of you. Think and pray about it, and you can take care of it in a couple of months if you feel it is right.”

I resolved in my heart that I would not be discouraged, and I acted immediately.

I would meet the need, because if not me, then who?

A couple of months ago I declared, No Longer, Not on My Watch! Lately I have been thinking back on that.

What have I actually done? Am I living a life of action? Is there a single child whose life is better because of me? I hope so…..I pray so….I know it is not enough.

This week I had my yearly appointment with a financial planner. I was given advice about how to plan for my future and invest for my future. I was told, “You have to invest for you, after all you are the most important thing.”

No, I’m not!

I am not more important (or less important) than you, your neighbor, a starving child, the widow who can’t afford her rent, the 40 Billionaires who have pledged to give away 50% of their wealth, or a great scientist making a break through. There is only one person who has ever been on earth that is more important, Jesus Christ.

While I’m not more important, I do have resources that are important. I (like most American’s) are in the top 10% of the world’s wealthy. (Check out where you fall at the Global Rich List.) I have the ability to purchase things and have discretionary money. I have time, energy, supplies, and abilities that many others do not. I have connections with thousands of people, more than many people in the world.  I have education, a voice, my health, a car, relationships, a phone, a computer, and many skills.

If not me, than who?

Who is going to care for those in need? Who is going to spread the word? Who is going to serve? Who is going to go, baptize, teach, preach, love, life, educate, support, fight, defend, protect, rescue, set free?


Will you do it?

Will someone follow your lead? Are you following someone’s lead?

Again I say, no longer! Not on my watch! I can not, will not, sit by and do nothing!

I may not change the world, but there are needs I know I could meet, and I will.
If not me, than who?!?

There are needs you could meet. If not you, than who?

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