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Learning to Love The Church, Part 2

August 17, 2010

One of the things I love the most about The Church is diversity.

You were made unique. The combination of what you think and feel, your skills, your insights, your abilities, and the way they are all packaged together with the entirety of your experiences (including your culture, family, adventures, traumas, joys, etc.) have only happened once. There is no one just like you.

Now, put unique you, with unique me, and add unique him and her, and we are forming a very diverse group of people.

There are many denominations and independent churches. You can be liberal or conservative, mainstream or radical, charismatic or traditional.

No matter how you divide and separate us, we are still the Body of Christ. We are The Church. We are the family that makes up those who belong to God and to each other.

Together we have every gift and skill that is needed. We have the power and authority to change the world, to rule over creation (Gen. 1:28). Together, we are The Church.

We may choose to spend most of our time with those who share a lot of similarity to us, such as a denomination that share the same beliefs and appreciation of worship styles, but alone we are not The Church.

The Church includes every nation, every age, and every culture that exists. From here to there, from birth to death. No matter what language we speak, version of the Bible we read, or belief we hold, nothing can separate us.

How have you seen or experienced the diversity of The Church?

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