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Do you have a plan?

August 23, 2010

Each year as the hurricanes hit there are long time residents of the gulf coast who bring out their supplies, board up their windows, and update their emergency supplies. They have learned that life during hurricane season brings the unpredictable with little warning.

Life brings all of us the unpredictable, and often with no warning.

The phone rings and our life is changed forever.

Saturday I was serving at an event for local students when a yellow jacket nest was disturbed. About 30 students were stung by the upset insects. We had no medical supplies and did not even have medically strained staff or volunteers on board. I was speaking with the director of the event afterwards and she said, “I could have laid awake night after night thinking of everything that could go wrong, and I don’t think this ever would have come up.”

There are things we can prepare for, and other things we wouldn’t imagine on our own, but we still can train ourselves and develop a plan that will leave us better prepared in case of the unpredictable.

How will you respond when things don’t go your way? Will you arch your back and rebel against the situation and those involved? Will you argue with God?

What can you do ahead of time to prepare your heart and mind for those moments when life is out of our control?

Many during this recession are now looking backwards and saying, “I wish I had….”.There are things they could have done earlier to change the way they were spending or saving, or to prepare for a worst case scenario, however they did not make those choices.

Are you being intentional about life? Are you developing a plan? What plans can you make to prepare your heart, mind, schedule, budget, etc. for:

  • a budget shortfall
  • a situation of conflict where tempers flair
  • a car accident
  • a household emergency
  • an unexpected crisis
  • a person who comes to you in need
  • a financial need where someone makes a plea for you to help
  • a change in job/finances/home
  • a serious illness (you or a dear loved one)
  • being stranded somewhere unexpectedly
  • not being able to make a commitment where you gave your word
  • a situation where you were wrong and others were hurt
  • a bad review/feedback/blog comment
  • gossip
  • a situation where you should love, but you do not feel like loving
  • a chance to share your faith
  • a conversation with someone about the birds and the bees, but you are not sure they are old enough
  • a situation of injustice and/or abuse happening in front of you
  • a need for volunteers to step up
  • a person on the side of the road needing help

Are you living with a plan? What else can you prepare for? What can we do to prepare ourselves for these unexpected events.

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