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Offering Compassion And More

October 8, 2010

What does it look like to love your neighbor? To serve those in need? To do unto others?
What does it look like to demonstrate your faith, and live in a way that impacts others?

Tonight is the night before Compassion Beaverton, a free medical and dental clinic that is being offered in my community.  It is one of a number of clinic held in the Portland area that are connected to Compassion Connect. “Compassion Connect was formed with the belief that the Church is to be a transformational presence in the community, daily reflecting the Kingdom of God by addressing the needs of the whole person. We believe that there is more that unites us as Christians than divides us, and that by working together as church communities our witness and impact is magnified. Compassion Connect serves as an umbrella organization for these local church collaboratives by providing experience, inspiration, and guidance as churches work to build relationships of grace with their neighbors.” On of the outreaches Compassion Connect has initiated are medical and dental clinics that provide free services for those who economically can not afford care.

Tomorrow over 600 volunteers will serve our community provide medical services, support, food, child care, hair cuts, social services, and friendship to those in need.

These volunteers will seek to love their neighbor and serve others. That is an incredible picture of who Christ is, because these people are giving of their time, skills, and lives to pour out into others. There is no tangible payback for them. There are no prizes or benefits. It is purely an act of kindness that these people who come from over 70 churches, plus groups of ministries, organizations, schools, medical offices, or just people who have come to serve their community.

Christ challenged us to love the poor, the needy, the orphans, and the widows. He taught us to give of ourselves, and spread love.

That is what Compassion Connect clinics are all about. It is our plan to meet the tangible and physical needs of these people, but also to demonstrate the love of Christ to them. We want to do more than just talk about Christ, but to demonstrate to others the love he has placed in our heart.

Together, we can accomplish so much. Hundreds will be served tomorrow.

There is no division between Christians and non-Christians who are serving. There is no ego about serving as medical staff or preparing food or working security. The purpose and heart are to serve, to love, and to live out lives that leave positive impacts.

One of the most amazing stories I have heard so far is not about the people we will serve, but about the opportunity to serve. There are many who will serve tomorrow who have wanted an opportunity to serve the community. They are excited to give of themselves, and to touch others. This clinic provides opportunities for people to give back, for students to learn, and for people to serve in ways where they can immediately see the impact of their service in others lives. It also is providing an opportunity for some to serve who may not have other opportunities due to handicaps, health conditions, or social/learning difficulties. This clinic provides a chance for those who are often on the outside not being able to serve, to give back and share with others in meaningful ways.

It has been an incredible privilege to be a part of this clinic. The last two weeks have been long hours and a lot of work as I have served on the leadership team, but every moment has been worth it.

Tomorrow I will share smiles, joy, hope, promise, empathy, love, compassion, mercy, grace, and opportunity with others.

Tomorrow I will watch others be empowered to serve.

Tomorrow I will open doors for lives to be changed.

Tomorrow, I will see my community be unified as one.

Tomorrow I will see my neighbors loved, cared for, and lifted up.

Tomorrow, I will see the power of Christ being lived out before my eyes!

Tomorrow, my heart will overflow and I will give praise!

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