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Blog Action Day: Brings Hope and Questions

October 15, 2010

Today is Blog Action Day.
It is a day where many blogs are challenging people to step up and take action; to do something, to make an impact.

I have seen calls for people to make a difference toward abuse, human trafficking, clean water, malaria (or other mosquito-born diseases).

It is encouraging and hopeful to see so many people who want to make a difference. I know that many causes will be supported today. Physical needs will be met. People’s lives will be impacted.

That is incredible!

One day, one call for help, will impact the world.

Today, people are being asked to give financially, and many are answering that call.

I do have to ask though, why today? Why are so many willing to give today when they didn’t give yesterday? Is money the only answer?

Today, as I consider if I will give to these causes I am left to ask myself what causes me to give.

Do I have to be asked to think about giving?

Do I need to do it with others to see an enormous number
and to hear that something big happened?

Is it enough for me to give, even a little, and never have it be known?

Is there something more I can do than just give money,
because sometimes I don’t have that to give?

Do I just want to have a day on the calendar when I can say,
“I gave on ____, so I don’t need to give again today.”?

I am in full support of those blogs and writers who are asking the world to give of their hearts, and pocket-books today, but if I have a challenge for myself, and for you, it would be to consider more than just one day.

In a few hours this day will be over. The blog challenges will end. The giving will end.

Will our action end? Will our hearts of caring harden over?
Will we stop making a difference?


Will today be the start of a change…a change that starts with me, and
reaches beyond me to change the world……..that is my hope!

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  1. October 15, 2010 5:32 pm

    Thanks to be part of Blog Action Day!
    Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion: you’d be surprised at how much impact your personal or family clothing preferences have on the environment.
    You can make the difference!

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