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The Privilege and Responsibility of Story

October 25, 2010

Stories tell about the past. They create dreams for the future. They paint realities that are different from what we know and inspire our imagination to new heights.

They are more than information sharing, because they reach out to touch our hearts, our emotions, and our memories. They turn information into real life as we put faces and names to the information we share.

Tomorrow night I have the privilege to share a part of my story. It is a story of pain but also promise. A story where hope made a difference in the midst of brokenness. A story where compassion and loving-kindness changed the direction of a downward spiral, which open the door for change.

Every day, there are stories happening around us. Stories of hope and despair. Stories of redemption and brokenness. Stories of joy and anger.

Each person you see today has a story, many stories. They have stories to tell. They have stories they may be trying to hide. Their story may be a part of your story.

Telling our stories is a privilege, and also a responsibility. Our stories may include others, and it may impact the listener.

We have a responsibility to handle that carefully. In my story, and many others, we are also representing Christ in what was say and do. Our goal should be give him the glory and to speak with truth, authenticity, and purpose.

As I share tomorrow, it is my hope that I speak well so that others are honored, listeners are impacted, and my Lord is glorified. The more I speak and share, I realize the depth of the privilege it is to be able to speak words that could impact lives. The story may be mine, but the message that is being shared goes far beyond me.

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