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Splinters and thorns

November 5, 2010

A few weeks ago I spent about an hour  doing yard work to help out someone in need. It was pretty easy work as most of the work was pruning and pulling some large weeds from very moist soil.

Later that night I realized something had happened which I had not realized. I had dozens of splinters and thorn tips all over my hands. I wasn’t at a place where I could take care of them immediately so it was several hours later before I could take action, and in the meantime the began to fester.

Yesterday one of the splinters I missed became very outraged, and as it was buried in deep it was hard to get it out and rid myself of what was causing me pain.

Life has a lot of splinters and thorns. Many of them are so small that we do not even realize that they have taken hold. Some time later they may fester and hurt as they seek to rise to the top and be noticed.

I have been learning a lot lately about being more transparent about my own shortcomings and failures. It means taking a lot of responsibility, and owning things that I would rather ignore. Often we are like the ostrich sticking our head in the ground and hoping it will go away, but the truth is, all we are doing is pushing away the path to freedom.

Over the past week I have been studying the life of Joseph.

He truly was an amazing man. He had so many reasons to be the victim, blame others, feel defeated, and have a pessimistic attitude, but instead he chose to walk with integrity, be hard working, be a man of character, and he became a great leader. He also exhibited some of the greatest forgiveness that has been recorded.

Sometimes those things that cause us to fester are small. Sometimes the are enormous, and they feel like they could keep us from ever having life, purpose, and hope. Joseph started out with a good life, but after being thrown away, sold, enslaved, imprisoned, and disrespected….there would have been reason to doubt and fear. He probably did, but then he proceeded and it made the difference.

Is there a splinter or thorn that is festering for you?

Maybe you need to make the medical appointment. Maybe you need to forgive, or follow through on a promise. Maybe you need to take a step of character and integrity to stand up against injustice, return something you borrowed, speak about something where you have remained silent, or love until it hurts.

At times I can doubt, and it has shown its ugly head again, so I am working not just to send it back underground, but to remove it this time, and to dig those roots out no matter how much it hurts.

What is a step you can do to deal with your splinter or thorn?

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  1. November 5, 2010 4:02 pm

    good post and so true–i am sure we all have splinters–thanks for sharing–makes me think of some of mine

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