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Second Chances Require Grace

November 16, 2010

I grew up knowing the concepts of faith, hope, love. I learned about mercy, grace, justice, unconditional love, and truth.

I thought I knew what they meant. I thought I understood.

I didn’t.

The day came when my world came crashing down. Although I have been a Christian for 25 years, my faith failed.

When the storm of life came, my faith was not built on something strong enough and everything I knew and understood came crashing down.

As I sat, waiting, mourning, and desperate for answers I knew one thing. There had to be answers, and the only place I knew to turn was to Christ. If Jesus Christ did not hold the answer, then my entire life was a lie, and there was nothing left to my life and no reason to live.

It was then that I learned about grace.

Five little letters, changed my life. They gave me hope. They gave me purpose. They gave me a reason to live.

They gave me a second chance.

Just over a year ago I joined with a group of others who believe in grace, who believe in second chances.
We are the People of the Second Chance: a scandalous awakening of grace.

Last week I read a new book released by Mike Foster, one of the founders of People of the Second Chance. In the book, Gracenomics, Mike discusses grace: grace for you, for others, and at work. While Mike is a strong believer in Christ, this book was written openly to speak of grace in all contexts, and for all people.

Our world has become a place of excuses, justifications, stances, and divisions. We protect our borders, defend our causes, argue our opinions, and forget that each time we do that we are moving against another person who has the same heart, soul, emotions, and issues that we do.

Gracenomics reminded me how easy it is to move in anything but grace, and it stirred in me a passion to be a person of grace when it is easy, and when it is painful, costly, and difficult.

Last year, I learned about grace. The People of the Second Chance have shown me grace, taught me about grace, and inspired me to share and live in grace.

I haven’t had the privilege to meet Mike or Jud face to face yet, but I look forward to the day I do. I consider them friends because they have touched my life. They have spoken truth and hope to me. They have inspired me to live differently.

They taught me about grace.

Grace opened the door for Christ. Grace opened my heart to be restored by the Gospel. Christ gave me hope, purpose, and a reason to live.

I am a Person of the Second Chance. A person who needed a second chance, who received a second chance, and who is committed to living a life of grace where I show grace and a second, third, and unending chance to others.


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