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Reaching To Make Dreams Into Reality

November 23, 2010

Do you have a dream? Something you think about and would love to accomplish, but you are not sure you could ever accomplish it?

I remember back to High School and College graduation, where we were challenged to go after our dreams. Then the reality of life set in. It was hard to find a job, the money was less than I wanted while the bills were higher than I hoped. Trying to balance work, friendships, dating, life, responsibilities, and serving/sharing all took a toll.

Often it was easier to turn on the television, hide in a book, or avoid the dreams by looking at reality.

The dreams were still there, but how could I ever pursue them.
Could they ever become reality?

Maybe you feel the same way!

Earlier this year I learned about a unique opportunity. Through a network of circumstances that go far beyond anything I could have created on my own, my life led me to meet Ben Arment. Ben is a story teller, an event planner, a past church planter, a dreamer, an untraditional missionary.

Deep down, the words I really use to describe Ben are an equipper, an empowerer, a coach, a leader, a life-giver. He is someone who sees potential in others and encourages them reach for it. He is someone who sees a need, and wants to act. He is someone who gives life to others around him by helping them reach for their dreams.

One of the things Ben leads is a process called Dream Year. He is a coach and equipper for others. He helps people reach their dreams.This year Ben will work with 24 individuals who are ready to step out and pursue a dream. He will coach, guide, and mentor them. “Many people fail to accomplish their dreams because they lack the confidence, encouragement, accountability and know-how. Dream Year is designed to provide all of these conditions.”

However, most of us are not ready to take on that challenge. We need to spend more time dreaming, or pursing it in a different way. That is why Dream Year Weekend was created.  “In one, pivotal weekend, you’ll learn the principles behind Dream Year and create a personal plan to pursue your God-given dream. You’ll hear from special guests, get personal feedback, and connect with other dreamers to share the journey in 2011.”

A month from now people will be asking you about your New Year’s Resolution. Maybe this is the year to make your dreams come true. Maybe this is the year that your dream will become something tangible, and full of action.

Are you ready to stop dreaming and to live out your dream?

Join Ben and other dreamers for a weekend of reaching for the stars. January 21-23, 2011 – Cross Point Church – Nashville, TN or apply for Dream Year (deadline is December 3rd) and take on the challenge to turn your dreams into reality.

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