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Believed In, Believing In

January 11, 2011

Who believes in you?

Do you have a friend, family member, teach, coach, mentor, boss, coworker, or leader who believes in you?

I grew up in an environment with few adults other than my parents making a lasting effect on my life. My family moved every few years, so making lasting relationships was difficult. I did not have coaches, mentors, teachers, or leaders who were in my life for more than a short time, and none of them made a deep, long-lasting impact.

When I entered high school I met a man who became a mentor, leader, and friend. He is the first person I can remember telling me he believed in me. His faith, hope, belief, and perseverance toward me impacted me deeply.

Today, I was sharing with someone I believe in. This person is going through a very difficult time, but I still believe in who they are, what they have been made for, what they can accomplish, their heart and hopes. It was hard for them to hear that during a time where they have been under such negative feedback and struggle, but I hope the words touched their heart and gave them courage.


This past year I have met someone people who believed in me. Their belief has made a tremendous difference in my life. A pastor believed I was worth a second chance and provided an open door for me. A manager believed I could take on new projects and fought to keep me in a time of change and layoffs. A ministry leader believed that I would thrive and serve the ministry even better if I was given an opportunity to serve with my gifts rather than where the hole in the ministry existed. A leader believes that my dreams were valuable and possible and has chosen to walk with me this year to help me make a dream turn into reality.

Having others believe in us, empowers us to change, to hope, to dream.

It releases something inside of us, and helps us to see something in ourselves to believe in.

Who believes in you? Who are you believing in, empowering, and encouraging?

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