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The Known Or Something the World Has Never Seen

January 14, 2011

Sometimes the news stories I encounter make me wonder, in good and exciting ways. I love the creativity of the human spirit, and the fact that there are incredibly talented people on this earth who bless my life.

I encountered one of those new stories this week. Google, the search engine company, has pulled together a symphony of musicians from all over the world. They are talented musicians, some playing instruments that are known to me such as the guitar, tuba, trombone, and clarinet. There are also other instruments such as this Guzheng player from China. The Guzheng is an instrument that a lot of the world has never seen or heard before.

I recognize I am a lover of music, so my opinion may be biased, but I think this is a beautiful instrument.

As I watched Su Chang play, I thought about creativity and innovation.

Most of us may be talented, and be able to accomplish things that are known, established, or standard. It is the truly creative and innovative people who look at life and come up with new and unknown ways to do things.

I want to find that creative and innovative side, where we move our dreams into reality. I want to at least consider those thing the world has never seen or heard before.

Here’s to dreaming!

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