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Story, Imagination, Creativity all rolled together into….

May 31, 2011

When you think of stories, imagination, and creativity, what do you think of? 

Children’s books? Movies? Science Fiction? 

Art? Movies? Books? Music? Photography? Acting? Poetry?

A Christian conference? Wait…..what?

Imagine a conference where this is all brought together in a multi-sensory experience, designed to inspire, and entice your creativity.

STORY was designed for the creative class of Christian leaders. A place to connect, to dream, to refresh and inspire them to new places.

Oh, you don’t see yourself as one of the creative class because you aren’t a leader on a worship team, or guiding others along a creative process? I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I walked into STORY 2010 I wondered why I was there. What had I gotten myself into? Why was I alone and attending a conference in Illinois when my entire community was back home in Oregon and I wasn’t leading anything creative with anyone. Two days later, I was so blessed and changed by what I had experienced.

A fire starts with a spark. A movement starts with one step. A dream starts with a stirring of the heart. 

Take a look at STORY.
Consider it, pray about it, dream about it.

Allow your creative side to tell you if there is anything you could learn, dream, or do differently.

The early bird discount for the conference ends today, May 31st, so if you are ready, take a risk and come along for a wonderful, imaginative, creative, and inspiring experience. There is still room, so if you are not ready today, keep dreaming and investigating. Revisit the site and consider coming along for an imaginative and awakening experience. I am sure you will be inspired!

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