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Freedom moves us to act

July 4, 2011

Today, July 4th, is a day to remember and celebrate American freedom. Sometimes I wonder if we do more of the celebrating and less of the remembering. Freedom is a gift, a precious gift, but like most gifts there is a cost, and the cost of freedom is often very high.

I have been thinking about the freedoms we have that others may not  be able to share. Sometimes that is due to cultural and political issues, sometimes it is due to persecution, or poverty, or war, and sometimes it is due to their own choices.

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom to take action against injustices
  • Freedom to vote
  • Freedom to purchase resources, including housing, water, electricity, medical care, and food
  • Freedom to choose our relationships
  • Freedom to learn, grow, and change
  • Freedom to own property and belongings
  • Freedom to go where we want
  • Freedom to celebrate, rejoice, be joyful
  • Freedom to love, forgive, show mercy

On the east coast of America it is already evening and many have been eating and celebrating for hours, anticipating nightfall and the darkness that makes fireworks spectacular. At each celebration I hope there is a remembrance of those who have paid the price for these freedoms we celebrate.

Freedom came with a cost.
Freedom came with loss of life, blood, resources, and relationships.
Freedom came by giving up time with family and friends, comfort, health, and safety.
Freedom came when someone made a choice to stand up for what they believed was right, even in the face of wrong.

As we remember those who paid that cost, I hope that we also are moved to a place of wanting to do the same for others. May we seek to bring freedom to those who are abused, imprisoned, broken, and lost. May we seek to be a hand and heart of hope and light when the darkness of circumstances seems overwhelming.

July 4th is a day of remembering and celebrating, but may it also be a day where we are moved to act. A day where we see the fireworks and celebrations and we dream of a future where there is even more to celebrate.

Is there some new way you are moved to act?

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