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Creativity Opposed

August 12, 2011

I was 14 year olds, and trying for a dream, but my dream did not develop as I had hoped. I remember feeling so disappointed and discouraged. Then came along Kirsten. She said four little words that changed my entire view of the world at that moment.

I believe in you!

In the face of my circumstances, those four words gave me hope. They encouraged me to believe. They gave me something that I lacked….courage.

This year I made a goal to be intentional. To make my decisions and actions with thought, passion, and purpose. However,  few months ago, I again faced some circumstances in life where dreams did not develop as planned, where hopes were derailed, and were I lacked courage.

Adversity has a way of revealing our true character.

The circumstances I faced were not just disappointing, I felt opposed. This time there were no words of “I believe in you”. Instead the door was closed, and I was turned away. I wanted to fight back.

Over these last few months as I have worked through the adversity there is a price I have paid that I had not seen coming.

I felt opposed, but what actually was opposed was my creativity.

Creativity takes space, freedom, energy, passion, enthusiasm, and confidence. 
Creativity comes from down deep, and when our heart, purpose, and actions are opposed, our creativity is opposed. 

I believe in the Body of Christ. We all have a role, a place, and things to share that are valuable to others. I have a heart for others. I want to see others excel at their purposes and their dreams. I want encourage them, support them, and help them build the confidence and courage they need to excel.

As leaders, managers, parents, teachers, neighbors, spouses, friends, and even as servants we are in a role to build up others. Every day we pass by people we could encourage. We have the ability to release the creativity in others. To free them from any opposition or adversity the might be facing.

This week I saw a movie trailer that posed a couple of questions. “How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us to do the impossible?”

Where can you be inspiring others to use and explore their creativity? It might be as simple as four little words. 

I believe in you … Go for the gusto … Reach for the stars …. Live to the fullest … You are so talented … Dream the impossible dream!

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