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An unwanted place

October 7, 2012

Have you ever been somewhere you didn’t want to be? Someplace you wished you could leave?

I think most of us have, and usually in a short time we are able to leave. We leave, got to a place where we are comfortable, feel safe, or enjoy the situation. There are however many in this world who do not have that freedom.

Imagine living in a place where 70% of the country would like to leave. In fact, over the last 10 years 50% of the workforce has left the country to find work abroad, most of them illegally. What remains in the country is mostly funded from those who work abroad.

Today, we saw some of the poverty that exists firsthand. We visited two lovely families in their homes. Seeing how they lived without water, with little ability to heat their homes, and one home had no electricity at all which also meant no refrigeration or laundry. Both families had infants in the home plus older children.

Would these families leave if they could?


Moldova is a country with a lot of problems including poverty, alcoholism, political and governmental changes and control, and a high rate of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. They have the third fastest internet connection in the world, which had led to other problems, such as possibly being a lead supplier of child pornography.

This afternoon and evening we visited with survivors of human trafficking and those who work with them. These ladies have experience both slave labor and sexual exploitation. One of them we figure was affected by these tragedies for more than 15 years, being taken from her own country and forced to do what others demanded of her.

As I have shared with those who are serving these people who are affected by poverty, depression, abuse, and tragedy I have wondered what kept them here to serve. They work very hard, and are positive and hospitable people.

There is only one answer, their love for God. They have learned, even in their own brokenness, that there is a Love far greater than what they can offer. It has changed them, and it causes them to pour out what they have for others.

I hope that the love I hold for others is as apparent and real, and that it will impact lives to this same level.

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